Das Habitat is a makerspace, a space for visionaries

Das Habitat Augsburg e.V.

Das Habitat Augsburg e.V. is a volunteer-run open workshop where anyone can work

Das Habitat is a living space and breeding ground for new ideas and projects.

Whether it is the development of a product or business idea, the planning and organisation of events, campaigns and initiatives, or the exchange of skills, resources and premises. It is the protective shell that provides time and space for bold ideas to grow and thus have a positive impact on our Augsburg. It represents the link between research, engineering, design and art. Similar to a greenhouse, what is natural and good for our society, economy, environment and culture should grow and flourish here.

Always feel safe with HAND GUARD

The sliding table saw is one of the most important machines in a joinery. Accordingly, it is worth its weight in gold to know that the people working on it are protected. By bringing a HAND GUARD sliding table saw into Habitat’s value centres, it can be ensured that both commercial and domestic people can work safely on their workpieces.

Not only is the quality and safety of the machines highly appreciated by the Habitat board, but the experienced customer service, which competently and reliably helps with questions and problems with the machines, is also praised. Altendorf always strives to provide its customers with fast and reliable customer service. This means that customers can easily and quickly reach a contact person.

Jennifer Leis, supervisor and carpenter at Das Habitat Augsburg e.V., explains in the video why she and also all users of the workshop can work much more safe with HAND GUARD.

“For us in the technical advisory service, it is simply an incredibly good feeling to know that the person who is currently working on the sliding table saw cannot injure themselves”

Jennifer Leis
Director and carpenter at Das Habitat Augsburg e.V.

Every one is supported with professional competence

The expert advice in the respective workshops provides support with machine safety instructions and also stays around afterwards to ensure that nothing happens to the users and the machines.

Collective instructions are offered once a month, resulting in less effort and lower costs. With professional competence, project advice can be called upon if one is stuck in the implementation of one’s own ideas.

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Das Habitat Augsburg e.V.
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