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Genuine craftsmanship at all levels

KAWENTSMANN – Furniture manufacture

Handmade and regional raw materials

The Kawentsmann company stands for individual pieces of furniture for both private and business use.

Whether it is a single piece of furniture for the home or a comprehensive concept for the design of business or office space – personal and customised advice comes first.

With a dedication to genuine craftsmanship and the use of regional raw materials, each unique piece is made with care and passion in the company’s own workshop. This ensures that the products are not only unique, but also meet the highest quality standards.

About Kawentsmann

In Münsterland, Kawentsmann stands for a particularly large, portly or even muscular guy – a real eye-catcher, in fact. The design lovers initially built Kawentsmann tables just for their homes – not only as a timeless piece of furniture they would enjoy for a long time – but also a place for friends and family to gather. In 2016, Maximilian Bayer-Eynck decided to make Kawentsmänner accessible to everyone and turn his hobby into a profession. A young and colourful team, united by a passion for beautiful things, is now making this vision a reality.

Wide range of services for office and gastronomy

Ergonomic criteria are gaining importance in office design, with flexible workstations and height-adjustable desks. A pleasant atmosphere and functionality, including noise reduction, are also important aspects. The Kawentsmann team attaches great importance to a sophisticated design that completes every office design – from customised tea kitchens to silent booths and impressive conference tables.

In gastronomy design, the creation of a special ambience is always the top priority. Playing with shapes, colours and materials in particular also contribute to such an atmosphere. Similar to store design, the experience also becomes a central value here, which can be promoted by elements of storytelling. Kawentsmann accompanies gastronomies of various kinds from the initial idea to the overall concept, including seating, lighting concept and decoration.

“Every single plank is unique. You can feel it, smell it, hear it – which is why you should also handle this material very carefully. Every grain is a declaration of love from nature.”

Maximilian Bayer-Eynck
Owner Kawentsmann, Münster

Working with the F 45 sliding table saw from Altendorf

The F 45 sliding table saw from Altendorf is characterised by high precision and accuracy. This is particularly important for high-quality cuts of wood projects.

The F 45 series offers different models and options that can meet specific requirements. The saw can be customised with various features and accessories to meet individual needs.

An investment for the future – long-lasting through high quality and all-round carefree through service and support from qualified employees.

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Bad Münster

Altendorf F 45

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