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Manor Wood Designs

Meet Andy Gray of Manor Wood Designs a Shropshire based furniture design company creating beautifully bespoke furniture for home and commercial clients.

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About Manor Wood Designs

Andy Gray, is a prolific furniture designer and maker who also generates a massive amount of online content on youtube for his followers around the world. His workshop is based in the Heart of England on the Herefordshire and Shropshire borders and is a maker specialising in bespoke modern furniture designs, clean-lines using local sustainable materials.

“I have been using Epoxy Resin for a couple of years now, I design and make Furniture and Wall Art using mainly local and Raw English Hardwoods. I use Epoxy Resin not only for its stunning looks on my designs but also to add structure to wooden slabs that would once have only been fit for firewood!”

Andy Gray
Furniture designer and maker

We Design and Build with a “nod” to the past

Much of our work is clean line design and live edge modern but another passion is the “Traditional” simple joinery often seen on medieval buildings around England. The simplicity of the work from that period can be very inspiring even the Arts and Crafts movement which focused on not hiding workmanship.

Unique handmade furniture

The main focus is creating unique handmade furniture working with closely each client to create a one off piece that makes any space special.

#1 Built by hand, not a robot

There is nothing wrong with the world of CNC and mass production everything has its place but working with character woods needs the human touch. High-end unique designs for home and commercial. Simple and clean lead by design from our workshop on the Herefordshire and Shropshire Border. Specialising in one of a kind bespoke projects large or small every piece is hand crafted.

#2 Zero Waste Policy

The best thing about the way we work and the build process is how we use all the materials with zero waste. Smaller off-cuts go into pieces like our one of a kind cutting boards and gadget stands. Epoxy Resin can turn an otherwise unusable slab of wood into a work of art. Even humble ply off-cuts find a home in our simple smart phone stands. Finally, the sawdust heats the workshop in winter.

#3 Unique handmade furniture

From large commercial conference tables, bespoke office or store fittings or a family dining table. Each piece is made to order by hand in our workshop, providing a great opportunity to work closely with every client. working with variety of materials to ensure each piece has appropriate look and feel to make any space special.

Manor Wood Designs take ownership of their Altendorf F45 sliding table saw from our Specialist Dealer Partner R+J Machinery in the UK.

“This is all hand done, the slabs need to be selected by hand and need to be worked by hand. I do have machines obviously for certain parts of the job, but it always gets finished by hand.”

Andy Gray
Furniture designer and maker

Manor Wood Designs meets HAND GUARD

Under the motto “ALTENDORF GROUP Experience Days” Andy Gray of Manor Wood Designs along with 4 other talented woodworkers from the UK visited our company headquarters in Minden, Germany.


The focus of his visit was to be given a tour of our museum area and production facilities in Minden. Of particular interest were the machines on display in our large showroom, on which all functions could be tested on site.

HAND GUARD experience

The highlight of Andy Gray’s visit was to experience at first hand our HAND GUARD sliding table saw and its unique early detection system.

Andy saw that when the system detects a hazardous situation, the danger was eliminated within a fraction of a second. From his own experience he now knows that HAND GUARD will protect the most important thing in his craft – his hands.

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Manor Wood Designs
Ludlow, England

Altendorf F 45

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