Stronger Together: Altendorf Group
at the AWFS Fair

As our customer and partner, you are always at the heart of everything we do. We have been building on a successful cooperation and strong partnerships with our customers in the US for more than 40 years. For us, this is the basis for a joint and successful future.

As the world market leader for premium sliding table saws and edgebanders, we focus on “togetherness” and a common path with our customers. Follow us.

We live the Power of Partnership.

Bringing strengths, resources, and expertise together and working towards a common goal. Sharing responsibility, increasing efficiency, and promoting open communication. Mutual respect and a lot of courage to open up new markets. Developing new visions for the future together and implementing them with concentrated strength. All this and much more can be set in motion by the “Power of Partnership”. Profit from it.

A partnership that pays off.

A lot has happened at the ALTENDORF GROUP to make your work even more efficient and successful. Experience this new era of togetherness with us:

The greatest safety for your trade.

We are a reliable partner you can count on at any time. No matter what your concern, we will help you reliably, promptly and competently. This applies to our service and to our products. Our HAND GUARD is the world’s only certified and AI-supported safety assistance system for sliding table saws that can really helps prevent accidents and not just mitigate the consequences.

The best deserve the best performance.

We make sure your performance is elevated and support your team with world-class services. Through our products, you’ll experience next-level performance. Discover the benefits of the new F and K series. We also have a real world first to offer: the HAND GUARD.

We are always at your side.

We are there for you 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. So that you don’t lose any valuable time.

Together on the road to success.

We want you to be one of the winners and actively support you on your way to success.

Altendorf Group America Award Winners

Innovative HAND GUARD safety assistance system honored with AWSF Visionary Award

Amidst the spotlight on fostering partnerships, Altendorf Group America is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking AI- and camera-based safety assistance system for sliding table saws, HAND GUARD, has been honored with the prestigious AWFS Visionary Award. This recognition underscores Altendorf’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation while prioritizing the safety and well-being of craftsmen and the industry at large.

The Youtuber “731 Woodworks” took a precise look at our sliding table saw HAND GUARD at the AWFS trade show

Together with our colleague Brad Snyder, HAND GUARD was closely inspected and tested. The quick lowering within a quarter of a second as well as the smooth operation of the sliding table made for astonished faces.

Product highlights full of power.


Get to know the world’s first and only GS-certified and AI-controlled safety assistance system for sliding table saws. An innovation that has received a top response. For example, the ALTENDORF GROUP was awarded the renowned business prize “Innovator of the Year 2022” with HAND GUARD. Even more. The company can also boast third place in the public voting “World Technology Leader Award” ahead of companies such as Apple or Samsonite.

Experience your personal HAND GUARD moment during the hourly live presentations. Every hour on the hour.

Find out more about HAND GUARD

HEBROCK edgebanding machines

Be amazed by the new K-series next and experience edgebanding with power for industrial applications. Also, discover the advantages of the new F-series next and watch live edge banding for the finest edge in the trade. The K-Series and F-Series each have three models – tailored to your needs.

Edgebanding machines 2023

Altendorf F 25

Marvel at the essence of technology and design for sliding table saws in various configurations tailored to your personal needs. Configure your personal F 25 sliding table saw at our trade fair stand.

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