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Sliding table saws
for aluminium

With an Altendorf sliding table saw, processing
aluminium is child’s play.



Our sliding table saws for aluminium are characterised by numerous equipment variants that have been specially developed for the complex challenges of aluminium processing. This is Altendorf precision that inspires.


Which sliding table saw is the best?

Every Altendorf is a good decision.

Thanks to countless configuration options, we always have the right one for you. We will be happy to help you find the best machine for your budget, your requirements and to meet your orders. Our expert advisors from the service department are on hand to give you the right advice.

How safe are sliding table saws for aluminium?

There is no compromise when it comes to safety.

Cutting and sawing aluminium must not only be precise and clean, but also safe – especially with regard to the softness of the material. Our sliding table saws are equipped with HAND GUARD, a unique safety system. Should a dangerous situation arise, the system reacts in a flash and warns you with a visual signal. The saw unit is lowered and the saw blade stopped – the machine is then immediately ready for use again.

How long is the factory warranty?

An Altendorf sliding table saw for aluminium is an investment for the future

The factory warranty is for one year. If desired, you can purchase a warranty extension and extend it to 5 years.

F45 - Material-specific options

HAND GUARD HAND GUARD safety assistance system:

  • Aluminium in particular has a lot of cutting pressure and therefore tends to jam. Slipping, handling errors and removal problems are not unlikely due to the heavy weight and sharp edges.
  • Small parts can run backwards unintentionally and be grabbed reflexively by the employee.
  • The position of the upper protection and suction bonnet is continuously monitored in relation to the saw blade height.

Adjustment of the cutting speed not only to the material type and saw blade parameters, but also individual adjustment in case of:

  • Decreasing sharpness of the tool
  • Chemical composition of the material
  • Expectation of cutting performance and quality
  • Spontaneous increase in cutting performance

In addition, the speed is electronically monitored to remain constant in the face of changing influences.

Minimal spraying device for aluminium cutting:

  • Misting of oily liquids for lubrication during the cutting process.
  • Better chip evacuation
  • Protects the saw blade and extends the service life

Always in the right position when adjusting the riving knife. Spray quantity freely adjustable.

An automatic disengagement of the CNC rip fence:

  • Very important for aluminium to have no saw blade marks and loss of quality after the cut.
  • For very heavy materials, space is given to discharge the cut-off in a process-safe manner.
  • Unique selling point Altendorf!

TipServoDrive for motorised feed instead of manual pushing:

  • Ergonomic, employee-friendly work with heavy cutting load and cutting pressure
  • Infinitely variable and individual sensory speed according to the employee’s specifications
  • Effortless cutting of solid, heavy material

In addition, the speed can be freely selected at any time during the cut and is not constantly pre-set.

Air cushion table:

  • For main machine table, optional for extension and extensions.
  • Reduces the pushing force with heavy materials
  • Can also be used for materials with poor slipping or braking properties (protective films)
  • Main table controllable in lifting force up to 1.5 bar via compressed air nozzles. Extension and widening with fans have fixed lifting force.

Expandable with additional cross table and support rollers up to 500 kg workpieces:

  • Can be used for cutting lengths of up to 5 metres
  • With second cross fence optional
  • Freely selectable position on the entire worktable
  • Also for flexible, thin or slippery workpieces as support aid
  • Also to be selected if 4.3 and 5 m DRW full length is to be run with cross table

Clamping devices for mechanical or pneumatic holding of workpieces :

  • Quick to operate, with a secure hold
  • Can be used either in front of or behind the workpiece. Caution, there are left and right versions.
  • Pneumatic emergency release in the event of a clamping error
  • Can be used along the entire length of the machining table

Altendorf machines for processing aluminium

With an Altendorf sliding table saw you are consistently relying on quality and reliability. And thus secure your company’s success in the long term.

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