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We know what counts. MAGIS Navi

The Digital Saw Guide

You can rely on this user guidance: Altendorf MAGIS Navi shows you step by step the way through the previously defined cutting procedures – just like with a navigation system.


Altendorf MAGIS Navi is the new digital, graphical operator guidance system that makes complex workflows straightforward. Cut by cut, the intelligent Altendorf MAGIS software guides users through the predefined cutting sequence clearly and reliably. Operators can expect savings in both time and material as a result.

Your benefits

The key benefits of Altendorf MAGIS Navi

Simplifies workflows

Predefined cutting procedures via tablet interface.


Easy transfer of data possible from cutting optimisation.

Save material and time

Incorrect cuts and material loss are avoided.

How does MAGIS Navi work?

Altendorf MAGIS Navi always keeps an overview: It takes over the data from the cutting optimization, recognizes the equipment of the saw and takes this information into account during visualisation.

Cut by cut, the software guides users via an easy-to-understand tablet (Windows 10 or higher) interface through the predefined cutting sequence. The clearly laid out onscreen dimensions for manual cuts or the automatic adjustment of motorised cuts make work easier right from the start.

Finished workpieces can also be provided with a label containing a barcode, which is read via a handheld scanner which enables easy retrieval of cutting plans for further processing. This means that every machine operator in the production process knows exactly what to do next.



Altendorf MAGIS Navi at a glance:

  • Guides the machine operator safely through the cutting process.
  • Visualizes the splitting of plate-shaped materials or strand goods in a comprehensible way.
  • Can be used on any Altendorf sliding table saw, from WA 6 to F 45. Limited usability on F 45 ELMO control.
  • Recognises the characteristics and equipment details of your machine and takes them into account in the visualization.
  • Is mobile controllable via the operating computer (tablet), which can be conveniently prepared in the office, on the road or at home.
  • Increases action and occupational safety even for inexperienced users.
  • Thanks to Altendorf SAW output, it is compatible with all well-known optimization solutions.


  • Can optionally be equipped with the display of the cutting plan on a second screen for another employee.
  • Optionally generates labels with codes for the unique identification of workpieces and machining data for further processing. The labels are scanned with a handheld scanner.
  • Also available separately as standalone software to supplement existing optimization programs.
  • Based on decades of Altendorf experience in the precise cutting of materials.

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