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The Altendorf Group

First-class machines for the panel-processing trade

Since the acquisition of Altendorf in 2017, the management team has been pursuing a future concept together with investor Avedon. The Altendorf Group will be structured as an international provider of machines for the panel-processing trade. The objective is to unite the three areas of sawing, edging and milling/drilling under one umbrella brand.

The first steps to successfully implement this concept around the world have already been taken: Hebrock, a company based in eastern Westphalia, Germany, whose edgeband machines have made an international name for themselves, was acquired in April 2018 and integrated into the Altendorf Group. The exploratory work to acquire a manufacturer that covers the area of milling/drilling with the necessary requirements profile is also ongoing.

To intensify the global sales presence, existing partnerships are to be expanded or our own sales companies set up. Altendorf Group America was founded in 2019 for this very reason. 

Digital transformation driving force in the trade

One major goal of the Altendorf Group is not only to address themes of the future in the handicraft sector, but also to act as a momentum generator in this area. The topic of digitalisation is a top priority here. Digitalisation projects tailored to the needs of the international handicraft sector can be carried out much faster in the Group than they could have been by the individual companies.

Expanding digital services for the trade

Under the Altendorf Group’s plans, digital services will play a greater role in the future to more specifically bring the company’s entire service range to the marketplace, so that as many customers as possible benefit from it. One possible option would involve expanding the online registration of machines in order to provide faster and better replacement-part and repair services. The online maintenance offering will be specifically refined to reduce machine downtime. And product development will no longer be limited to just hardware in future. Service products are also very much the centre of focus: remote maintenance, financing solutions, online training and much more.

The Altendorf Group Forum the first user platform for the skilled trades

With an international online user platform, as the first provider ever the Altendorf Group intends to integrate its customers into a broad range of processes. Various forums will provide users the opportunity to share their views, a step designed primarily to strengthen the global community over the long term. Crowd sourcing will also be used as a way to develop products and applications that customers actually need to work even more successfully in the future. As all of this suggests, listening carefully to customers is going to be one of the cornerstones of the Altendorf Group's management philosophy.

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