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Special care is required when working with a circular saw. Nevertheless, accidents happen again and again. This new saw called “Hand Guard” is designed to prevent injuries – with the help of AI.

Every day in Germany, accidents with circular saws occur in workshops and on construction sites. Due to their design, sliding table saws are machines with a particularly high risk of injury. Altendorf GmbH, based in Minden, Germany, has therefore come up with something: a safety system that ensures that hands are not exposed to any danger when operating a sliding table saw. The result is Hand Guard.

Altendorf Hand Guard: how the AI circular saw works.

Hand Guard detects potential hazards based on special hand detection software long before a potential injury occurs. The safety system uses two cameras to monitor a wide area around the saw blade. As soon as hands – whether wearing gloves or not – are detected entering the area, the saw unit is lowered quickly under the processing table within a quarter of a second. This means that fingers and hands do not even come into contact with the source of injury. Even at speeds of 1 meter per second, the system triggers in time and prevents injuries to fingers and hands almost 100 percent even in this case, promises the inventor. According to Altendorf, there is also no damage whatsoever to the circular saw; once the safety system has been triggered, it is immediately ready for use again. According to Altendorf, Hand Guard’s optical system is so far the only one of its kind on the market worldwide and is considered by the industry to be the safety breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent injuries in the skilled trades.


Hand Guard: This saw has its price

Now before you, the amateur craftsman, rush to the nearest hardware store to buy the Hand Guard system: Currently, the company Altendorf offers the AI saw only for the professional sector. The pricing is also correspondingly high: Hand-Guard saws are available at prices starting at 43,400 euros.

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