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Sliding table saws

If sliding table saw, then Altendorf

A lot has happened between the invention of the sliding table saw and today. Thanks to continuous further developments and countless configuration options, today you have the best Altendorf sliding table saws ever – to suit your requirements, your jobs and your budget.



Our safest.

  • Max. cutting length 5,000 mm
  • Max. cutting height 204 mm
  • Max. cutting width 1,600 mm

Grundpreis ab 43.400 Euro

Base price starts at € 43,400

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Altendorf F 45

F 45

Our masterpiece.

  • max. cutting length 5.000 mm
  • max. cutting height 204 mm
  • max. cutting width 1600 mm

Grundpreis ab 18.400 Euro

Base price starts at € 18,400

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Altendorf WA 80

WA 80

Our power pack

  • Max. cutting length 4,300 mm
  • Max. cutting height 150 mm
  • Max. cutting width 1,300 mm

Grundpreis ab 15.500 Euro

Base price starts at € 15,500

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Altendorf F 25

F 25

The compact cutter

  • Max. cutting length 3,800 mm
  • Max. cutting height 104 mm
  • Max. cutting width 1,410 mm

Grundpreis ab 8.350 Euro

Base price starts at € 8,350

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Altendorf WA 6

WA 6

Our introductory saw

  • Max. cutting length 2,500 mm
  • Max. cutting height 100 mm
  • Max. cutting width 1000 mm

Grundpreis ab 7.250 Euro

Base price starts at € 7,250

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An Altendorf - a good decision

When it comes to the future of your business, you should consistently focus on quality.

Individually configurable

Design your machinery with your exact needs in mind.

Tough, low-maintenance machines

We guarantee that your production operation will run smoothly and your cost estimation will hit the mark.

Guaranteed value stability

An Altendorf is always an investment in the future.


The fastest guardian angel in the world.

The world’s first optical safety system HAND GUARD protects people, machines and materials. Because as an early detection system with two cameras, it recognizes the danger far before contact is made. This means there is no damage whatsoever and the machine is immediately ready for use again. HAND GUARD works for all materials and also with suitable gloves.

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Rip Fence Security

The safest parallel stop.

Intelligent sensor technology for predictive working. Our safety system for the motorised parallel stop detects exactly when the workpiece has been completely cut. When this happens, the stop is automatically moved away so that you can easily and safely push the workpiece past the saw blade. This means that marks on the cutting edge and kick-back effects are a thing of the past.

We are there for you.

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