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The XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Award in the panel processing category was assigned ex-aequo to two solutions to the same safety risk on sliding table saws (a.k.a. squaring machines), “with different approaches but equal results” (quoting the jury’s motivation). This article illustrates the “HAND GUARD” solution nominated by company Altendorf based in Minden (Germany).

Matteo Simonetta from xylon international had the pleasure of interviewing Ansgar von Garrel.

“In Germany alone, there are up to 120 reportable accidents happening in connection with sliding table saws every month. This is a huge problem, both for our traditional customers, the small to medium woodworking shops, as well as for larger companies with industrial production setups.”

Ansgar von Garrel
Head of Marketing at Altendorf Group

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xylon international – 3 | 2023

About the Altendorf Group

Altendorf Group is a global market leader in the production of premium sliding table saws and edge banding machines. The company was founded in 1906 and enjoys strong brand recognition around the globe. Their latest innovation is the HAND GUARD safety assistance system for sliding table saws, a globally unique, AI-controlled and certified early recognition system with two cameras that helps protect people, machine and material. Innovation is part of Altendorf’s DNA. The machine building company is expanding its competences to emerge as a safety solution provider for manually operated machines with a certain danger potential across many industries, transferring the HAND GUARD technology to various applications.

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Ansgar von Garrel

Head of Marketing

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