Mike Coffey of Coffey Custom Builds shares his views on the camera based safety assistance system

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Mike Coffey – Custom woodworker, Custom Furniture maker, Small Business owner, Content creator, Podcaster, based in the US.

I’m a passionate woodworker and small business owner. I love challenging myself and learning new things. I also love creating and sharing.

When Mike Coffey had the unique opportunity recently to try out some advanced table saws and also to compare their safety features you can see in the video what he had to say about the camera based safety assistance system.


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As an owner of a carpentry shop, he sums up his experience with the camera based safety assistance system by saying that he would prefer it over any other sliding table saw, not only because of the “really high quality of build” but also because “the safety features are second to none” which would protect his employees.

“If there is a way to not sacrifice productivity while also making a safer working environment, I want to take it and make that investment”

Mike Coffey
Owner Coffey Custom Builds

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About the Altendorf Group

The Altendorf Group is the world market leader for the manufacture of premium sliding table saws and is one of the hidden champions of the German SME sector. The company was founded in 1906 and has a strong brand recognition worldwide. Its most successful product is the F 45 sliding table saw, also known as “The Altendorf”. It is internationally synonymous with the sliding table saw product category. The latest innovation is HAND GUARD. A globally unique early detection system with two cameras that protects man, machine and material. Since 2018, the Hebrock company with its high-quality Hebrock edgebanders has been part of the Altendorf Group. With subsidiaries in Australia, China, India and the USA, it employs more than 400 people worldwide. 

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