ZURIARRAIN (Basque Country) acquires its first HAND GUARD

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This machine supplied by MAESMA sets a new safety standard.

The ZURIARRAIN joinery was founded in 1983. Its main activity is the manufacture of custom-made furniture and commercial installations, including the production of special and handmade pieces in solid wood. The company from Lezo (Gipuzkoa) also has a large showroom to better serve its customers.

It was time to renew the sliding table saw and Mikel Zuriarrain did not hesitate for a moment. Having suffered a finger injury in the past, he opted for the safety of ALTENDORF’s HAND GUARD system and the reliability and precision of this great machine. “You can’t skimp on safety,” says the young head of the carpentry workshop in Gipuzkoa. “My father, who is now retired, allways wanted to operate an ALTENDORF and now we have the best sliding table saw on the market, with the most advanced safety measures.”

HAND GUARD, the safety assistance system for sliding table saws from ALTENDORF, redefines the safety standard for sliding table saws on the world market and has been certified by the Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall (BGHM) and awarded the German seal for tested safety (GS).

Camera monitoring guarantees the safety

The HAND GUARD camera-based system, which the ALTENDORF Group presented at the HOLZ-HANDWERK in Nuremberg, monitors a large area around the saw blade. As soon as the camera system detects that hands enter this area, the saw blade is lowered. This prevents fingers and hands from coming into contact with the source of injury in the first place. Even at a working speed of 2 metres per second, the system triggers in time and prevents the slightest injury.

ZURIARRAIN has acquired the machine specified with excellent features and numerous options. For example, the sliding table allows for boards up to 2,800 mm to be fed in. The saw incorporates a sophisticated ergonomic drive, located at one end of the sliding table, which allows the saw and scoring saw to be switched on when a panel placed on the guides prevents the operator from accessing the machine’s numerical control. In addition, a digital display shows the exact measurements for cutting panels with total precision.

“It is an impressive saw that now also guarantees our safety,” emphasises Mikel Zuriarrain. “Like a traffic light, you are warned by a yellow light when you approach the saw blade”.

ZURIARRAIN joinery in Lezo (Guipúzcoa) is committed to the safety of its employees and the environment in which it carries out its activities. Extraction systems, emergency stop switches, safety mats, safety clothing and now the modern HAND GUARD system protect the health and safety of people at work, as is desired throughout the woodworking industry.

“We are very grateful to MAESMA for the good advice and efforts that we were able to watch ALTENDORF at work. And we were already able to see the HAND GUARD system for ourselves at the internal trade fair that took place in June last year, which impressed us very much,” concludes Mikel Zuriarrain.

About the Altendorf Group

The Altendorf Group is the world market leader for the manufacture of premium sliding table saws and is one of the hidden champions of the German SME sector. The company was founded in 1906 and has a strong brand recognition worldwide. Its most successful product is the F 45 sliding table saw, also known as “The Altendorf”. It is internationally synonymous with the sliding table saw product category. The latest innovation is HAND GUARD. A globally unique early detection system with two cameras that protects man, machine and material. Since 2018, the Hebrock company with its high-quality Hebrock edgebanders has been part of the Altendorf Group. With subsidiaries in Australia, China, India and the USA, it employs more than 360 people worldwide.

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