Altendorf Group presents: Hebrock’s F- and K-Series edge banders enter the next generation


Altendorf Group presents: Hebrock’s F- and K-Series edge banders enter the next generation – Faster. More efficient. More flexible. More comfortable.

Hebrock machines guarantee clean and tear-free edge banding at the highest level. The spectrum of customers who rely on Hebrock ranges from small to medium-sized and industrial companies. As of now, both the K series and the F series are faster, more productive and more efficient thanks to the new features. With the K 34, there is also a new member in the series of Hebrock edge banding machines.


Minden, July 19th, 2022 In Germany’s region East Westphalia, both established traditional companies and hopeful newcomers from the trade are successful – an environment that motivates Hebrock to continuously adapt its edgebanders even better to the needs of users. The F-series and also the K-series next provide impressive proof of this. These Hebrock machines have made a tidy performance leap forward in many respects. Due to the performance increases and the comfortable handling within the machine series, edgebanding is much faster and easier with the F-series next. The K-Series next impresses with even more performance for even more output.


For powerful performance in industry with the new K-Series

Joineries have long relied on the K 36 or the K 37 edge banding machines from Hebrock. Now the popular K series has undergone an update. The former 10″ display has been replaced by a 15″ touch display with high-resolution 3D graphics. Here, in addition to the glue pot, all of the machine’s other units can be viewed in compressed form on one page, and various settings can be made, such as regulating the temperature of the glue pot. If a workpiece is not fed into the machine for a longer period of time, it automatically switches to standby mode, including the heating of the glue pot system. Energy consumption is virtually zero. In addition, the feed rate has improved from 10m/min to 15m/min. This enables a significant increase in production efficiency. Furthermore, by realigning the cross-cut knife (guillotine) to the first pressure roller, workpieces with a minimum length of 140mm can be approached and machined. The milling stations have also been updated. The space-saving new design simplifies adjustment work on the unit. To meet the various needs of edgebander users, Hebrock has also launched the K 34, an extension to its renowned K series. This machine is just under half a meter shorter than its big brother – the K 36. In the interests of compression, the focus on this model has been placed on the four most important processing units.


The new F series: For the finest edge in the trade

The popular F series of Hebrock edge banders has also entered the next generation. Whether F 2, F 4 or F 5 – users can look forward to many new features. The F series now also features a 15″ touch display. Since economical energy consumption is essential, especially in this day and age, the new F series also has an automatic standby mode. Furthermore, the feed rate has also been improved for this series. The LED workpiece tracking lamp at the machine infeed provides visual assistance during workpiece loading. On the F-Series next, the hood has been raised by 100 mm. This allows the machine operator simpler and therefore more ergonomic handling when changing the gluepot system. While the F-series of Hebrock edgebanders already met the requirements of every woodworking store in the past, the new features now leave nothing to be desired.


About the Altendorf Group

The Altendorf Group is the world market leader for the manufacture of premium sliding table saws and is one of the hidden champions of the German SME sector. The company was founded in 1906 and has a strong brand recognition worldwide. Its most successful product is the F 45 sliding table saw, also known as “The Altendorf”. It is internationally synonymous with the sliding table saw product category. The latest innovation is HAND GUARD. A globally unique early detection system with two cameras that protects man, machine and material. Since 2018, the Hebrock company with its high-quality Hebrock edgebanders has been part of the Altendorf Group. With subsidiaries in Australia, China, India and the USA, it employs more than 360 people worldwide.


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