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Even if you place the bar high, there’s still air above it. That’s because “good” can always be “better”. This has been impressively proven with the successful update to our K-SERIES. Experience edge banding machines with even more user-friendly features. For greater output and performance. Non-stop. Discover the powerful newcomer in this renowned K-SERIES: the K 34.

Are you ready for a next-generation performance?

Main Features

Technical Features
  • Feed speed up to approx. 15 m/min*
  • Greater ease of use
  • Integrated glue changing device
  • Compact frame design
*Without using a corner router, depending on the type of the configuration

  • Interchangeable glue pot can be heated in 6 mins
  • Adhesive/colour change
  • Optional zero-joint technology
  • Intuitive control

  • 15” LED touchscreen
  • Easy-to-read display with integrated 3D feature
  • Revolving and tilting control options
  • USB interface
  • Meter and running time counter
  • Resistant to dust

Made for the highest demands

The main features of the K 34

Pre-milling (Whispercut)

The WhisperCut pre-milling system with interchangeable diamond cutter tips ensures maximum tool life (manual height adjustment)
and tear-free milling results due to an oblique cut through the centre of the panel. Two ready-to-use cutter heads guarantee tear-free milling results, even for demanding materials and surfaces.

By simply swapping the diamond cutter tips, this significantly reduces sharpening costs and downtime and no changes to the basic machine settings are required unlike with classic tools. The lightweight aluminium design protects the motors and enhances smooth operation.

The milling depth can be manually adjusted up to 3.0 mm so that you can work to the final dimensions when cutting.

Double motor trim saw system

The stable design of the double motor trim saw unit with linear guides enables precise milling of the front and/or rear workpiece, including for high unit quantities and small workpiece sequences. The cross-cut saws can be adjusted by 12.5° as required. Simply choose the setting via the touchscreen display on the front of the machine.

Protection spraying edge

The additional nozzle sprays the lubricant laterally over the edge banding surface. The wetted edge/film then further transports the lubricant.
This prevents damage and markings due to floating heads/sliding blocks on sensitive edge bands (e.g. acrylic). It also stops the protective film from peeling off the edge band.


Joint-free appearance using hot air technology. Easily switch between EVA, PUR or AirTronic in your edge banding machine without the need for tools and effortless perfect your finished result.

Pre coated edges are symbolically “fused” with your panel materials by means of a high-temperature nozzle to create a homogenous surface that leaves nothing
to be desired. This takes just 3 minutes to heat up and only requires changing the edge channel. By selecting the programme on the display, you can easily store and retrieve different parameters and settings for various suppliers.

Corner rounding unit

The corner rounding optimally prepares you for any challenge when it comes to dealing with the front of the turning heads. Thanks to intelligent programming via the touchscreen display, individual sides and processing settings can be set. Whether it’s the front and/or rear edge, radius or chamfer settings or choosing between an entire side or only the vertical edge, there are no limits here.

The optional, interchangeable motor combined with our quick-change preliminary setup provides a rapid solution when dealing with different edge thicknesses.

Radius profile scraper

Plane impacts or milling traces are smoothed down thanks to even cutting by the radius scraper.
Settings are adjusted at the front of the machine. The upper and lower edge can be independently set.

Equip your machine with the optional multi-radius scraper R2/R1 for a unique finishing result with classic ABS edges and modern, thin edges. Simply choose the setting via the touchscreen display on the front of the machine – no tools required.

Surface scraper

Dynamically stored flat scraper ensures high production quality even for difficult materials. The wide contact surface precisely and gently scans the edge material to ensure consistent quality and removes adhesive residue
and excess edges.

More Features

Our axis package provides even more comfort. The panel and edge thickness, as well as the joint measurements, can be easily set using the display and the axes operate electro-mechanically. Easily store your settings in the respective programme and precisely repeat them.

The optional glue level sensor for your interchangeable glue pots lets you keep track of things and avoid stoppages and gluing errors. The user is notified of low levels in good time via plain text notifications.

Prior to edging, the spray system casts a fine layer of separating agent over the top and bottom of the workpiece edges.
This prevents any excess adhesive from sticking to the workpiece. This option is recommended if regularly working with
PUR adhesives.

  • Ready for operation in just 6 minutes
  • Standard interchangeable glue pots with stop function for rapid
  • change of colour or technology (EVA/PUR)
  • Tool-free change of glue pot
  • Simplified cleaning of glue pot in a matter of minutes
  • Teflon coating for effortless cleaning

A large storage tank for up to 5 kg of granules ensures maximum efficiency.
The glue pots are filled automatically so that even high cycle times can be easily handled without the need for manual filling.

Four solid pressure rollers are spring-loaded and close off the top and bottom edges of the panels to guarantee perfect results for various materials and surfaces. For the 8 mm package, the first roll is powered mechanically to drive the solid wood edge bands.

This combined milling unit allows you to choose between radius / 10° chamfer or flush trimming (combined unit). The standard setting for radius / 10° chamfer is conveniently situated at the front of the machine.

The optional 3-point adjustment allows even more flexible processing for different requirements. Adjustments are instant and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Expand your applications and process different edge thicknesses with greater flexibility thanks to step milling for R2/R1/ chamfer and the second milling station.

Thanks to the second milling station, you can produce various radiuses with greater flexibility. Greater chip weights can be realised thanks to pre-milling and precision milling. A 30° chamfer can also be produced by manually adjusting the unit.

Fully focussed

LED Touchscreen

You can intuitively set up your machine via the 15” touchscreen on the front
and view all key information at a glance.
The 40 channels allow you to store, modify and repeat individual settings. The 3D feature provides a visual representation of the front and back of your final workpiece. You can clearly record key parameters such as workpiece quantity, linear metre and duration and assign them to your commissions.

Plain text notifications inform you of the current status of your machine, which simplifies the maintenance process.


This energy-saving mode is an automatic standby mode that disables all systems. If a workpiece is not fed into the machine for a longer period of time (15 minutes), the machine, including heating of the glue pot system, will automatically switch off. The machine will no longer consume any energy.

The multi-radius scraper allows you to process R2 and R1 radii without having to change the machine settings for flexible processing of different radii. The radius settings can be individually selected or saved as a programme.

This spray system applies the cleaning agent to the top and bottom of the workpiece. Applying the cleaning agent followed by the cleaning station removes any sprays, adhesives and impurities.

The preset interchangeable motor including tool allocation reduces machine set-up time when changing the front head radius. The quick-change preliminary setup allows the motor to be changed quickly without the need for any additional settings.

The grooving saw unit reduces the need for subsequent labour-intensive tasks on the milling machine. Use the grooving saw either for processing tongue and groove joints or on the panel for rear-panel grooves (non-combinable). Processing can take place across the entire length of the workpiece or as needed.

The grooving saw unit reduces the need for subsequent labour-intensive tasks on the milling machine. Use the grooving saw either for processing tongue and groove joints or on the panel for rear-panel grooves (non-combinable). Processing can take place across the entire length of the workpiece or as needed.

The warp-resistant machine base unit enables precise working all year round. Whether mass production of small parts or half-size panels, we guarantee a consistent finish each time you work.

A well-thought-out extraction system, which requires just one central connection point to your extraction system, allows mostly mobile use of your HEBROCK edge banding machine even in small workshops. All inlet and outlets are found on the machine so that it can be moved as needed using our optional trolley for space-consuming work.

Interior machine lighting for clear setup and maintenance of your machine.


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  • Manual adjustment of edge and pre-milling thickness plus workpiece height
  • Support plate for edge material
  • Visual display for workpiece sequence using LEDs at machine inlet
  • PLC control (including 15” touchscreen)
  • Pre-milling cutter (including DIA tool) up to 3 mm milling depth with interchangeable blade design x (WhisperCut)
  • Overhead interchangeable glue pot with Teflon coating and adhesive stop function
  • Glue application to the workpiece for edge material up to 3 mm
  • Double motor trim saw for precise processing of front and rear edge workpiece
  • HF milling station with pneumatic milling adjustment and combi-blade system (radius/chamfer/flush)
  • Corner rounding machine in combination version (radius/bevel)
  • Radius scraper with reversible blade
  • Surface scraper incl. dual keying
  • Cleaning station
  • Grooving saw unit with tooling
  • Transport chain with firmly bolted special chain plates
  • Ball bearing double top pressure
  • Extendable boom (to the front)
  • Viewing window at the front and rear of the machine
  • Automatic central lubrication of the corner milling machine
  • Chips collection box of the crosscut saw
  • Feed speed up to approx. 15 m/min*  (*Without using a corner router, depending on the type of the configuration)
  • 8 mm execution
  • Heatable infeed fence
  • Quick-change device corner rounding
  • Changeable motor for corner rounding
  • Radius profile scraper
  • Multi Radius scraper (R2/R1)
  • Wheels
  • Additional change over quick heating pot
  • Additional change over quick heating pot incl. glue level sensor
  • Pre-milling up to 60 mm workpiece thickness
  • Corner rounding up to 60 mm workpiece thickness
  • Release agent spraying unit
  • Cleaning agent spraying unit
  • Protection spraying edge
  • Nesting
  • Pneumatic 3-point adjustment
  • Multitool for HF milling station
  • Indoor LED illumination
  • Air cushion table
  • Additional roller bar
  • Glue level sensor
  • Automatic glue pot refilling system (incl. glue level sensor)
  • Airtronic
  • Pre-set return system (barbaric)
  • Axis package
  • Glue pot suction hood
  • Additional workpiece in- and outfeed support (450 mm each)
  • PUR Box
Max. pre-milling thickness 3 mm
Max. Edge thickness 3 mm
Min/Max. workpiece thickness 8 – 60 mm
Min. workpiece length 120 mm (at 7 m/min feed rate)
Min. workpiece width 80 mm
Feed speed approx. up to 15 m/min.* (*Without using a corner router, depending on the type of the configuration)
Ready for operation approx. 6 min.
Max. power consumption Ø approx. 14 kW
Electric connection 400 V – 3 Ph – 50 Hz
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 4750 x 1230 x 1430 mm
Work table height 940 mm
Extraction socket 1 x 80 mm, 1 x 140 mm
Weight approx. 1550 kg


Intelligent accessories, independent of the machine mostly retrofittable at any time

  • 8 mm version
  • Pre-milling up to 60 mm workpiece thickness
  • Heatable infeed fence
  • Pre set-up return system (barbaric)
  • Glue pot suction hood
  • Additional change over quick heating pot
  • PUR Box
  • Air cushion table
  • Additional roller bar

The K 34 – as versatile as your projects

Plenty of scope for your requirements

HEBROCK edge banding machines are the right choice for just about every type of wood. No matter whether it’s solid wood, chipboard, blockboards, MDF or multiplex, you can always expect precise, clean edge processing (including finishing).

These HPL panels are available in various dimensions, thicknesses and surface designs. Thanks to HEBROCK edge banding machines, they are easy and flexible to work with.
Our machines are suitable for various material dimensions.
Observe the respective technical profile.

Edge banding of plastics, such as PP sandwich panels, is a key part of the craft.
With HEBROCK edge banding machines, you can enjoy productivity and flexibility as you work. At the same time, you’ll always offer top quality for your customers.

Experience our Hebrock K 34 live!

Visit us at our company headquarters in Minden, Westphalia, and experience not only the new F and K Series Next about also many other machines configured for you. We would be happy to show you and explain the advantages to you in a personal meeting.

Arrange an appointment

This is what fine craftsmanship looks like

Top-quality craftsmanship can be seen in the details.

Clean edges are a key quality feature. These high-quality workpieces were produced with plenty of passion, great skill, and an edge banding machine from the HEBROCK K-SERIES. Enjoy this small selection of works from our high performers!

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