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Altendorf WA 6

Concentrated quality

Everyone wants to make a good cut. Our WA 6 offers exceptional value for the money in a number of different ways. The smallest saw in Altendorf’s line of products meets all requirements in terms of features, power, reliability – and, especially, price. It is the perfect introductory model for customers who put quality first.

Klein, aber Altendorf

Die Sonderausstattung der WA 6 lässt kaum Wünsche offen.


Der RAPIDO ist das professionelle Werkzeug für das Vorritzaggregat. Die Schnittbreite des Vorritzblattes kann ohne Demontage stufenlos präzise auf die Schnittbreite des Hauptsägeblattes eingestellt werden. Gegenüber herkömmlichen Vorritzsystemen sparen Sie bis zu 10 Minuten Einstellzeit, da das mühsame Montieren von zweigeteilten Vorritzblättern mit Distanzscheiben entfällt. Einstellbereich: 3 – 3,8 mm.


Der DUPLEX erlaubt Winkelschnitte von 0 – 90° sehr schnell, genau und stufenlos. Bei einer Einstellung auf 45° kann die Gehrung beidseitig am Werkstück ohne weitere Verstellung geschnitten werden. Die Maßeinstellung erfolgt über Lupe / Maßskala. Ablängen bis 1350 mm.

Große Absaughaube (PSV)

Die PSV wird mit einer schmalen Haube für 90°-Schnitte und einer breiten Haube für Gehrungsschnitte geliefert. Sie decken sowohl das Haupt- als auch das Vorritzsägeblatt ab. Die Haube lässt sich auf die jeweilige Materialstärke stufenlos und selbsthemmend einstellen.


Die WA 6 ist mit 1600, 2000 oder 2600 mm Doppelrollwagen inkl. Stahlführung lieferbar.

The key qualities of the WA 6

Our smallest saw pays off in big ways.

Individually configurable

Design your machinery with your exact needs in mind.

Tough, low-maintenance machines

We guarantee that your production operation will run smoothly and your cost estimation will hit the mark.

Guaranteed value stability

An Altendorf is always an investment in the future.

The  Altendorf WA 6

The WA 6 may be small but it is still an Altendorf. This means that it excels in every area where all of the company’s other machines do: the highest-quality assembly, innovative features and, above all, an unbeatable price. Designed for both beginners and seasoned pros, the Altendorf WA 6 turns work with a sliding table saw into virtual child’s play.

  • Max. cutting length 2,500 mm
  • Max. cutting height 100 mm
  • Max. cutting width 1000 mm

Base price starts at € 6,900

The WA 6 – as multifaceted as your projects.

  • Aluminium
  • Solid wood
  • Plastic
  • Panel processing


The job of cutting and sawing aluminium requires extreme precision. Altendorf sliding table saws have proven themselves for years in the aluminium-processing industry. As the perfect tool for cutting and sawing aluminium, WA 6 does the job with extraordinary precision and can be used individually. With the help of this machine, you can cleanly cut aluminium with sharp contours and to within a tenth of a millimetre.

Solid wood

The variety of grains lends a very special look to solid-wood furniture. The furniture is robust and stable. It also offers a degree of high quality that you can feel. The trimming, ripping and refinement of wood and boards create a different challenge. Discover our feature options that are specially designed for the processing of solid wood, features that turn the job into child’s play.


WA 6 cuts all commercially available plastics in any desired form. The machine can easily handle even complex composite materials like carbon composite plates – and it can cut them to within a tenth of a millimetre! Learn more now about plastics processing with Altendorf.

Panel processing

Panel processing is a job that creates new challenges for carpenters and cabinet-makers day in and day out. Commercially available half-size panels are usually too large and, in the worst case, require two people to handle them. Added to this are scrap panels that could possibly be used for one thing or another at some point in the future. Before long, a pile of scrap wood has formed, and no one can find what he or she needs in it. The features offered by our WA 6 will make your panel-processing work even easier.


  • Grundausstattung
  • Technische Daten
  • Maße
  • Configuration options

Sliding table

The proven Altendorf sliding table with steel guides. The WA 6 is available with a 1,600, 2,000 or 2,600 mm sliding table.

Rip fence

The rip fence, precise and smooth running. Cutting width: 1,000 mm

Crosscut mitre fence

The crosscut mitre fence simplifies crosscuts and mitre cuts because it does both. Crosscutting range: 105 – 2,600 mm. Tilt angle adjustable from 0 – 49°.

Manual tilt adjustment

Manually adjustable by handwheel, the tilt angle is shown on a scale. From 0 – 45°.

Manuelle Höhenverstellung

Manuell per Handrad.


Separater Vorritzermotor mit 0,37 kW.


Schutzhaube für max. Sägeblattdurchmesser von 315 mm (CE-Ausführung) bzw. 350 mm (Non-CE-Ausführung), am Spaltkeil befestigt, mit Absaugschlauch oberhalb des Hauptsägeblatts. Max. Schnitthöhe 100 mm bzw. 117,5 mm.


  • Motorleistung: 4 kW (5,5 PS)
  • Drehzahl: 4200 U/min.

Sliding table cutting lengths

For table lengths of 1,600 mm = 1,500 mm*

For table lengths of 2,000 mm = 1,900 mm*

For table lengths of 2,600 mm = 2,500 mm*

These cutting lengths refer to mechanical travel, i. e. from end stop to end stop on the sliding table.

* With or without a scoring saw blade

Cutting height at 45°

Saw blade diameter of 250 mm = 0 to 45 mm

Saw blade diameter of 300 mm = 0 to 65.5 mm

Saw blade diameter of 315 mm = 0 to 70.7 mm

Saw blade diameter of 350 mm* = 0 to 83 mm

* Non-CE Ausführung

Cutting heights at 90°

Saw blade diameter of 250 mm = 0 to 67.5 mm

Saw blade diameter of 300 mm = 0 to 92.5 mm

Saw blade diameter of 315 mm = 0 to 100 mm

Saw blade diameter of 350 mm* = 0 to 117.5 mm

* Non-CE Ausführung

A – Table lengths + 220 mm for sliding table 1,600 and 2,000 mm

A – Table lengths + 290 mm for sliding table 2,600 mm

B – Table lengths + 220 mm

C – 873 mm for sliding table 1,600 mm and 2,000 mm

C – 1,273 mm for sliding table 2,600 mm

Machine weight – starting at 450 kg

Work table height- 910 mm

RAPIDO scorer system

The RAPIDO is the professional tool for the scorer unit. Adjustment is continuous and precise, so the RAPIDO can be fine-tuned to match the cutting width of any main blade. Compared to working with shims, where you have to take the blade off the machine to alter its width, the RAPIDO saves up to 10 minutes, as the blade stays on the machine during adjustment. Range: 3 – 3.8 mm.

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence

The DUPLEX fence makes it possible to cut any angle between 0 and 90° very quickly, precisely and variably. Set it to 45° and a mitre cut can be made on both sides of the workpiece without further adjustments. Dimensions are set using a magnifier / measuring scale. Stops to 1,350 mm.

Large extraction hood (PSV)

The PSV comes with a small hood for 90° cuts and a wide hood for mitre cuts. They cover both the main and scoring blade. The hood can be adjusted to any material thickness and is self-locking.

Extraction connection: 80 mm


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